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HP : 300-715DISP: 10.8 (661)CYL : 6FUEL: ElectronicRPM : 1800-2500
More Horsepower/Excellent Fuel EfficiencyNow with added horsepower across the entire QSM11 range, these workhorses deliver proven performance. Whether you are backing down on a trophy fish or pushing a heavy barge, the QSM11 consistently delivers in all climates.Perfect for Cruisers, Sportfishers and TrawlersThe engine’s compact size promotes ease of installation and easy access for maintenance. With new 300-455 horsepower ratings, the QSM11 is ideal for trawlers, lobster boats and similar applications. The 610 to 715 horsepower ratings are first choice for sportfishers and cruisers.
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