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HP : 285-405DISP : 8.9 (542)CYL : 6FUEL : ElectronicRPM : 1800-2100
Clean, Quiet OperationRefining the benefits of common rail fuel systems further allows the QSL9 to reduce white smoke levels at start-up without the aid of air heaters. Extremely environmentally friendly, the QSL9 is quiet at idle and virtually smoke free.Advanced EngineeringThe QSL9’s many enhancements, including two-piece articulated gallery-cooled pistons, fulfill all expectations of durability and reliability. Well designed placement of engine components is welcome news for installers and those who maintain your vessel. Handed fuel and lube filters can be installed on either side of the engine for easy servicing.Perfect for TrawlersThousands of hours of reliable commercial and trawler operation are supported by features belonging to the QSL9 series including low rpm, large displacement relative to horsepower and excellent fuel economy for long range cruising.
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